Most dog owners consider their pet pooches smart. Well, if you have a Tibetan Mastiff — so named because the pooch originated from Tibet — consider yourself the lucky owner of one intelligent dog. The Tibetan Mastiff can  be an excellent watchdog, in keeping with its ancestry. The Tibetan Mastiff has a proud history of accompanying armies of the Greeks, Romans, Persians, and Assyrians across the world. Physically, the Tibetan Mastiff looks rather handsome with its heavy coat and bushy tail. These majestic-looking dogs can live up to about 10 to 14 years. Handling the Tibetan Mastiff training can be a breeze, particularly if you start it as soon as you bring home the puppy.

Keep in mind that the sprightly ball of fur can grow into a giant breed that can be a protective home companion if you understand the dogs mindset and train the canine well. Bear in mind also that Tibetan Mastiff training, play, and socialization all can prevent boredom from setting. They can lessen the destructive tendencies of a restless dog.

Keep your Tibetan Mastiff lean & healthy through regular exercise like walking it daily, and ensure proper grooming & care by brushing the long, thick coat several times a week. Such a thick coat keeps the pooch at ease with cold weather conditions and comfortable in warm and dry climes as well. Heavy shedding is to be expected from such a dog.

Rugged but regal looking, Tibetan Mastiffs may be calm and unperturbed indoors, but these agile dogs that can range in weight from 80 to 150 pounds tend to love the great outdoors, where they can roam freely. Such a pooch is not inclined to be a pushover. When training a Tibetan Mastiff, acknowledge that the dog has an independent mind and dominant, self-reliant nature. The dogs owner or trainer can show assertiveness as a leader who can command the dogs respect and obedience. The surest way to do this is through positive training and lots of patience on the part of the trainer.

Harsh Tibetan Mastiff training is a no-no. With consistent training and guidance, Mastiffs can be transformed from aggressive and unpredictable dogs to lovable and obedient home companions. If you are bent on owning such a pooch, keep in mind that this dog was bred to fight or even kill wolves, leopards and bears. Such dogs were used in Tibet to protect an entire village from animal predators and invading tribes.

Intimidating and ferocious looking but gentle and able to restrain itself with proper training, a Tibetan Mastiff can be a really wonderful dog to own. Tibetan Mastiff training must begin by letting the pooch know who’s boss. On the other hand, there’s no need to replicate Tibetans severe way of training mastiffs to be wolf fighters/killers, exposing them to the elements and not feeding them well, all of which can create an extremely dangerous and vicious dog. The best way to train the Tibetan Mastiff is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect.