A Tibetan Mastiff puppy is a kind of domesticated dog that originated in Central Asia. The people used the term mastiff mainly because that means big dog. But some people also call it a Tibetan mountain dog, since the name encompasses other identical breeds in the same Himalayan range.


A Tibetan Mastiff puppy is considered as an ancient breed. Some people actually believed that this type of dog breed is the ancestor of Molossus breeds, although there is no evidence regarding this notion. During the early 19th century, the famous King George IV had two Tibetan Mastiffs, and by 1906, the breed has been made more available for more people in England. Unfortunately, during the time of war, its popularity started to wane. But by the 1980s, people started to gain interest again in this dog breed. Soon thereafter, show organizations including the AKC and the FCI started to recognize this type of dog breed. Since a pure bred Tibetan Mastiff puppy is quite uncommon, some people are willing to pay a high price for these dogs.


As of present time, there are two types of a Tibetan Mastiff puppy, and those are called the Do-khyi and Tsang-khyi. The Tsang-khyi has been known as the monastery type, and in terms of appearance, they look heavier and taller than the other type. Facial wrinkling can also be seen on this type of dog. On the other hand, the Do-khyi are smaller and they are referred to as the nomad type.


Tibetan Mastiffs have long double coat, which comes in different colors like solid black, bluish-gray, various red hues, and also a combination of tan and black. The most rare or uncommon color is pure white. It is very hard to find especially outside China. In the west, people just have one standard of this dog breed, but in India they come in two varieties, which are the Lion and the Tiger Head. The Lion Head is smaller and have longer hair as compared to the Tiger Head.


The temperament of Tibetan Mastiffs may vary depending on the breeders. There are a few native dogs found in Tibet and other parts of the Himalayas that can be very aggressive and ferocious because of their living environment where they need to fight predators. However, those dogs that have been bred by English people have been known as obedient and loyal pets. These are domesticated dogs that can thrive in a spacious backyard with some companions. They are easy-going so they can really get along with their masters. Because they are guardian dogs, they are usually more active and alert at night.