Are you the type of person who loves big dogs? Cannot seem to stand those tiny, toy dogs some people carry around in bags when they go out? Do you prefer those huge, hulking, mammoth dogs, which are actually gentle giants at heart? Almost all large breeds of dogs have owed their largeness from one specific breed of dog, which has been around for longer than all these newer large breed of dog. Enter, the Tibetan Mastiff.

Since it was the breed which all other large breeds of dog came from, it cannot be denied that the Tibetan Mastiff is a colossal dog. Often covered in a majorly black coat of fur and hair, a Red Tibetan Mastiff is also not uncommon. Colors do not change much for the circumstances this dogs fur presents, as they have a double layer of thick and long fur, which need constant grooming and brushing, especially around the spring and summer seasons; the Red Tibetan Mastiff as well as the black-coated ones, shed like crazy during the months these seasons fall under.

The Tibetan Mastiff is not only equipped with the thick fur, for which it highly needed from whence it came, the Tibetan Mountains, it also possesses great strength and power in its massive body. It has to have these traits in order to protect owners herds from unwanted guests, whatever or whoever those may be. What makes the Tibetan Mastiff most intimidating, though, is its harrowing bark. Since it is undoubtedly large, the Tibetan Mastiff also packs one of the loudest, deepest, and most surprising barks among all other breeds of dog. These facts, however, do not give testament to the Tibetan Mastiffs great temperament and unflinching loyalty toward their owners.

Tibetan Mastiffs are some of the best breeds of dog to have around the house, since they get along amazingly with children. They are very social dogs, but have to be trained early on their lives or they might get a little stubborn. When given enough time, though, the black or Red Tibetan Mastiff will be as loyal to you as no other dog.

One of the ultimate signs of class status, particularly in China, is owning of a Tibetan Mastiff. On March 2011, the most expensive dog in the world was sold to a coal baron in China for 10 million Yuan, which is almost 1.6 million dollars; it was a Red Tibetan Mastiff. These dogs have become one of the most beloved dogs in the most densely populated country in the planet, as well as the other parts of the world.

A Red Tibetan Mastiff may look more for show, but no matter what the color, no matter what the temperament, no matter what the size or weight of this dog, the Tibetan Mastiff will forever be the dog who is larger than life. Not literally, but because of everything this dog possesses and every other story behind this amazing breed of dog. If you are one pet owner willing to take this mammoth of a dog on, why not get one now?